Service Guidelines

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1. Precautions

  • All contents on this website are the copyright of Nagoya Port Authority. Any photo from this website that is used must show the appropriate copyright designation.
  • If for some reason the copyright designation cannot be shown on the photo, one of the following must be shown.
    • ©Nagoya Port Authority
    • Photo provided by the Nagoya Port Authority
    • Data provided by the Nagoya Port Authority
  • Resized or trimmed photos may be used, but the photos cannot be otherwise modified.
  • It is not necessary to contact us before using a photo from our website. However, the user must send to us, at the following address, the data that has been prepared using the photo. (If digital data do not exist, send a copy of the page on which the photo is used or the printed material that includes the photo).
  • If the photo is to be used for Internet content, the user must inform us of the URL.
    • Address: 1-11 Minato-machi, Minato-ku, Nagoya, 455-0033 Japan
    • Nagoya Port Authority, Public Relations Section
  • We do not possess portrait rights, trademark rights or any other rights to objects in the photos on our website. Depending to the purpose, permission from other parties may be necessary to use these photos. Please use sufficient caution and obtain any necessary permission before using a photo from our website.
  • The Nagoya Port Authority is not responsible for any trouble that occurs through the use of any photo from our website.

2. Prohibited actions

  • Commercial sales of photos from this website. (It is permissible to sell published material using photos downloaded from our website.)
  • Use of a photo from this website under false copyright.
  • Use of a photo from this website in a crime, antisocial behavior, or offense to public order and morals.
  • Delivery of photo data from this website as picture material or wallpaper on the Internet.
  • Preparation of similar content using a photo from this website.
  • Bulk download of photos from this website using the tools that burden the server.

3. Suspending use of photos

  • If a photo is used in violation of these guidelines, its further use shall be prohibited.
  • The Nagoya Port Authority is not responsible for any trouble that occurs between a user and third party as a result of prohibiting the continued use of a photo from our website.