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New route established for high speed regular RO-RO ships

The Sanstar Dream at the Tobishima Pier North container terminal

The new route was established from Nagoya to Korea and China, to be used by the Panstar Group’s high speed regular RO-RO ships. The Sanstar Dream (gross tonnage: 5,319 tons) called at the Tobishima Pier North container terminal on November 28 as the first call of a ship on the new route. It will be the first time that high speed RO-RO ships will call regularly at the ports in Tokai area. A reliable high speed service will offer a new option to shippers in Tokai area.

Significant works for port functions and disaster protection completed

On November 24, the completion of works to deepen the East Channel to 16 m and improve the high tide breakwater were announced to all concerned in the Nagoya Port Building. The project to deepen the East Channel to 16 m and expand its width to 580 m was carried out since 2005 in the Port of Nagoya. The anti-seismic improvement works for the high tide breakwater, which extends over 4490 m, had been carried out since 2013 to help the breakwater withstand a great earthquake. This project was undertaken in the light of the fact 50 years have passed since the high-tide breakwater was constructed and with consideration of the experiences from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The locations of the East Channel and the high-tide breakwater are indicated in the map.

Two sail training ships call together, commemorating the 110th anniversary of the Port of Nagoya

At 10:00 a.m. on November 10, the Nippon Maru and the Kaiwo Maru, two sail training ships for seamen, called together at Garden Pier. This call of the ships was in commemoration of the 110th anniversary of the Port of Nagoya. A lot of kindergarten children and sailing ship fans participated in the welcoming event to see the ships. On the quay, the Nagoya fire department band played to welcome the ships. The mascot characters of the Port of Nagoya also participated in the event to cheerfully welcome the ships.

The Nippon Maru and the Kaiwo Maru at the Garden Pier

Mascot characters are posing in front of the Kaiwo Maru.


“Nagoya Bay Great Fireworks 2017” were held

“Autumn Fireworks” lit up the night sky over the Port of Nagoya.

On October 14, the “Nagoya Bay Great Fireworks” were held at Garden Pier. The host was the Nagoya Bay Great Fireworks executive committee, with support from the Nagoya Port Authority. The weather on the days before and after the fireworks was unfavorable. Fortunately, however, on the day of the show the third “Autumn Fireworks” lit up the night sky over the Port of Nagoya without the threatened rain. The fireworks were launched from four ships in front of the berth, and the sight of the fireworks spreading across the sky was spectacular. The crowd cheered every time a large firework lit up the sky.


Nagoya-Yokkaichi International Port Corporation was designated “The Sole Port Operating Company in Ise-Bay” by the national government

Photo: From left, Mr.Ishigaki, Mr.Ikuta, Mr. Kikuchi

After the Nagoya-Yokkaichi International Port Corporation was designated “The Sole Port Operating Company in Ise-Bay” by the national government, Director-General Kikuchi of the Maritime Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, handed a certificate of this designation to President Ikuta of the Nagoya-Yokkaichi International Port Corporation on September 1. A port operating company system was established in order to introduce the views of ordinary citizens into container terminal operations and other port operations when the Laws and Regulations on Ports and Harbors of Japan was revised in 2011.Until now, the Nagoya Container Berth Co., Ltd. and Yokkaichi Port Terminal Co., Ltd. in the respective Ports of Nagoya and Yokkaichi have operated most of these ports’ container terminals, but with the new designation the Nagoya-Yokkaichi International Port Corporation takes over their functions.


Mr. Akihiko Hattori takes office as the Executive Vice President of Nagoya Port Authority

Photo: Mr. Akihiko Hattori, the Executive Vice President of Nagoya Port Authority, gives his inauguration speech.

On June 19th, Mr. Takayuki Kondo retired as the Executive Vice President of the Nagoya Port Authority at the expiration of his term of office. Following this, Mr. Akihiko Hattori, the former Deputy Director-General of the Housing & City Planning Bureau took office as the Executive Vice President of the Nagoya Port Authority. In his inauguration speech, he said that, “I am taking office as the first Executive Vice President who comes from the Nagoya City government. I would like to maintain the traditional coordination with the national government, but also hope to use my experience in working for the local administration to benefit the development of the Port of Nagoya in full cooperation with Aichi prefecture, Nagoya City and surrounding cities.
He expressed a port strategy for the coming years of strengthening international competitiveness through means such as enhancing container handling facilities, meeting demands as an international bulk strategic port, improving completed automobile handling functions, and improving accessibility through road maintenance and development. He also expressed a desire to implement more substantial disaster measures in coordination with Aichi prefecture and surrounding cities to respond to major earthquakes.


Groundbreaking ceremony held for Maker's Pier

Photo: Entrance of the LEGOLAND japan is crowded.

Maker’s Pier opened on March 30 and LEGOLAND Japan on April 1 at Kinjo Pier. Maker’s Pier is a commercial complex on a site with a total area of approximately 24,000 square meters. The guests attending the opening ceremony for Maker’s Pier included Mr. Takashi Kawamura, the mayor of Nagoya City. At the opening ceremony of LEGOLAND Japan, President Torben Jensen expressed his wish that “people from all over the world will come to LEGOLAND.” The festive atmosphere of the ceremony was enhanced by fireworks and dancing by LEGOLAND cast members and mascot “Buddy.” The many people who had been waiting for the opening of LEGOLAND Japan were all smiles as they enjoyed the attractions.


Ceremony Held for Reopening of Fuji Antarctic Museum

Photo: Mr. Omura, governor of Aichi prefecture, at the ceremony

The Fuji Antarctic Museum reopened on Saturday, March 25. Prior to the reopening, a ceremony was held at the Port House, a free rest house at Garden Pier.
The theme of the renewal is “Rediscovering the achievements of Fuji and the beauty of Antarctica,” and the renewal was carried out to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Fuji Antarctic Museum. The role fulfilled by the Antarctic exploration ship and the history, significance and achievements of its Antarctic exploration are introduced on board. Passengers can enjoy immersive videos that use the latest exhibition
techniques, such as a large tetrahedral screen, that make them feel as if they were really in Antarctica or on board the ship at sea.