Effects On Local Economy

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Economic Inducement

Graph: Economic inducement on Aichi prefecture is 32 trillion yen. Economic inducement on other than Aichi prefecture is 16 trillion yen.

According to an analysis of the port's economic effect conducted, the Port of Nagoya has an inducement effect of approx. 48 trillion JPY, of which approx. 32 trillion JPY was induced on the local economy (Aichi Prefecture).
This amount accounted for approx. 44% of the total production in Aichi Prefecture (Approx. 72 trillion JPY in 2011).
The study illustrates the magnitude of the contribution of the Port to the local economy.

Employment Inducement

Graph: Employment inducement on Aichi prefecture is 1.21 million jobs. Employment inducement on other than Aichi prefecture is 0.68 million jobs.

The analysis also identifies the Port's employment inducement. The direct/indirect economic activities of the Port created more than 1.89 million jobs, of which 1.21 million were offered in Aichi Prefecture.
This accounted for 33% of the total employment in Aichi Prefecture of 3.68 million.