Nagoya Port Authority

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Photo: Outside shot of the main building of the Nagoya Port Authority

The Nagoya Port Authority is a special local government body that was jointly established by Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya City on September 8, 1951, as the administrator of the Port of Nagoya.

In fact, port administration duties in Japan are usually carried out by Ports and Harbors Bureaus of respective municipal governments, such as Yokohama and Kobe. At the Port of Nagoya, however, Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya City negotiated a unified management agreement of the Port as both of them had developed certain port areas.
As a result, a special local public entity was founded with two municipalities as parent organizations. Its jurisdiction stretches across four cities and one village, and its integrated administration forms the foundation of remarkable progress of the Port of Nagoya.

The main objectives of the port administrator are as follows:

  1. To prepare Port & Harbor Plans and execute construction and works for the improvement of port facilities.
  2. To maintain, administrate and manage the port area and ensure facilities in good operating conditions.
  3. To conduct works needed for the use of the port. Inter-harbor traffic, preservation of the water surface, stevedoring works, etc. are handled by private enterprises.

Port Assembly

The Port Assembly consists of 30 members, 15 each from the Aichi Prefectural and Nagoya City Assemblies.

Executive Officers

Mayor of Nagoya City. Alternates between the Governor of Aichi Prefecture and the Mayor of Nagoya City every two years.
Vice Presidents
Three Vice Presidents include an Executive Vice President, the Vice Governor of Aichi Prefecture and the Vice Mayor of Nagoya City. Their tenure is four years.

Treasurer of Aichi Prefecture.

There are three auditors. One from the Port Assembly, and one each from Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya City.


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