Kinjo Pier

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Kinjo Pier is being developed as an integrated area that will attract many people

Kinjo Pier also functions as an information administration center for the consolidation of vessel information. Kinjo Pier is currently being developed into a public communication exchange area. On the basis of the Concept “Central Exchange Area for Monozukuri Culture” being planned by Nagoya City, a hub for interaction between people is now being designed under the theme of showing and passing on industrial technology. The concept includes things such as opening a railway museum. The pier is adding new pages in its history as a popular site among visitors.

SCMAGLEV※ and Railway Park

Photo :Outside shot from west side of SCMAGLEV and Railway Park
Outside shot of SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

This facility introduces the progress in high-speed railway through rolling stock displays, which include the superconducting maglev as well as historic railway rolling stock. (※SCMAGLEV : Superconducting Magnetically Levitated Vehicle)

Photo : Rolling stock displays
Many rolling stock displays including MAGLEV and conventional rolling stock are inside the Park.

Nagoya International Exhibition Hall (Portmesse Nagoya)

Photo : Nagoya International Exhibition Hall (Portmesse Nagoya)
Outside shot of Portmesse Nagoya

This is one of the nation’s leading convention complexes, consisting of the exhibition halls, an event hall and an exchange center.

Aonami Line

Photo : railway car
Running Aonami train

This passenger line, opened in October 2004, connects Kinjo-futo Station and Nagoya Station, 15.2 km away, in 24 minutes.


Photo : futsal court
Futsal court and players

This Japan’s first internationally-standardized futsal arena is equipped with 2,500 seats in the main arena.

Theme Park (LEGOLAND(R) Japan)

"LEGOLAND(R) Japan" is the first such outdoor theme park for kids opened in Japan.

On the adjoining to the land on the east is also the "Maker's Pier," a commercial complex with the theme of "the joy of creating and making events."

Photo: Main gate of LEGOLAND(R)
Photo: Fountain of Maker's Pier
Maker's Pier

Guesthouse Wedding (Wedding Island Angerobe)

Photo : Outside shot from entrance of the Wedding chapel
Outside shot of the Wedding chapel in the Kinjo Pier

This facility is modeled after Mediterranean and Aegean resorts, and produces parties and weddings with a homelike atmosphere in a chartered guesthouse.