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Port Facility Security Measures in Nagoya

Main responsibilities of the national government and the port facility administrator are as follows:

Responsibilities of the National Government

The number of Japanese ports that are obliged to develop a security plan to comply with the new provisions to the SOLAS convention is approximately 100, including Nagoya.

- Enactment of related domestic law
- Formulation of guidelines for port facility security plans
- Port facility security assessment of each port, and examination and approval of port facility security plans
developed at each port facility administrator
- Report the lists of approved port facility security plans to the IMO

Responsibilities of the port facility administrator

In order to ensure safe, efficient and reliable international maritime trade while further fostering the regional economy and industries, we are determined to enhance and strengthen the security measures at our port.

- Formulation of port facility security plan
- Installation of security facilities for access control, surveillance and restriction of areas.
(surveillance camera, gate control system, fences and lightings.)
- Designation of a port facility security officer who is responsible for the port facility security plan