Statistics 2017

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Annual Trade

In 2017, total cargo throughput at the Port of Nagoya was 196 million tons, growing by 1.4% over the previous year. However, it is expected that the Port of Nagoya is keeping the top spot in the volume handled among all ports in Japan for the 16th consecutive year.

The cargo throughput in international trade was 128 million tons (down 0.5%). Major export items were completed automobiles, automobile parts, industrial machinery, steel materials and miscellaneous chemical products. Major imports were LNG, iron ore, crude oil, coal and wearable items.

Containerized cargo trade reached 49.6 million tons (up 3.6%), with the total number of containers at 2.78 million TEU (up 4.7%). With 1.39 million TEU outgoing and 1.39 million TEU incoming, container trade at the Port of Nagoya is well balanced.

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